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Modern Computing is About Speed!
Don't Be A Sucker For Eye Candy. Speed Wins Every Time!
Best Home Linux distributions ranked by combinations of reliability, simplicity, features, and speed. The most important
rule is the ISO must fit on an 700mb CD! (Read Rules Here)

Top 10 Fast Linux Distributions For 2016

  1. Lubuntu
Ubuntu base with LXDE desktop. Top choice for getting a clean stable distro on your computer. It is ultra reliable with nothing goofy going on. Easy to add more software to make Lubuntu right for you. You have the option to add the restricted-extras such as Flash, and Codecs during the install. Lubuntu works good on older PIII systems, and is very fast on a newer computer. Ditto for Xubuntu Linux that is a XFCE desktop remix (now DVD sized. Boo!). Lubuntu based distros: Zorin-OS Lite for new Linux users. Peppermint Linux with cloud software. Lubuntu

  2. SnowLinux XFCE
This Debian Wheezy based hotrod just flys. It plays flash videos, plus has the needed bad and ugly codecs. If you want an ultra-fast Debian operating system that is done right, this is it. If you want an easy way to get a cutting edge Debian install without the bugs, SnowLinux is the one for you. SnowLinux will please beginners and experts. There are also SnowLinux versions with the E17 and MATE desktops. Snowlinux

  3. Salix OS XFCE (Bansai)
Go with the XFCE live CD version, as you can take it for a test drive, then use the live installer. After installition everything worked perfect. It already had drivers installed for my nVidia video, plus flash, codecs, and LibreOffice. You can add more software with gslapt. This simple XFCE desktop distribution has Slackware speed and stability. Perfectly polished is the best way to explain this distro. There is also a CD sized KDE version. Salix OS

  4. Bodhi Linux
Bodhi is built on a naked Ubuntu base with the Enlightenment 17 desktop. It is very fast with eye candy! There is not much software included, but with the Synaptic package manager you can make it what you want. Bodhi will run on a 300mhz Pentium computer with 128mb of RAM. On a new box, it is lightning fast! Install restricted software with one click from the online Bodhi Linux AppCenter. Bodhi

  5. Vector Linux Standard Gold
Slackware Fast Linux based distro with the XFCE desktop. Vector is done right, with needed video codecs, and a good graphical package manager. Download the Vector Standard Edition Gold you can install. Vector has been around for awhile, and this distro is rock solid. Vector is almost boring, as you never need to fix anything! I am very impressed with the 7.0 release. Beautiful distribution. You speed freaks will be happy. vector best Fast linux

  6. PCLinuxOS LXDE Edition
This may not be the fastest Linux distro, but it is quick. Very quick! It is surely one of the most user friendly. PCLinuxOS is the most ready to use distribution! It has Flash, codecs, and video drivers already installed. You just need to install libdvdcss2 to play DVDs. It has the Synaptic package manager and the awesome PCLinuxOS control center. Very solid and stable software repositories. The PCLinuxOS XFCE Edition is pretty cool too. PCLinuxOS

  7. WattOS
This is the fastest Ubuntu based linux distribution. WattOS uses the LXDE desktop built on a gutted Ubuntu base. It has Adobe Flash, plus the needed codecs are included. You can take advantage of the huge Ubuntu software repositories and make it what you want. WattOS is designed and built to use very little resources. I just love WattOS, and it would be my first choice for netbooks or older laptops! I have WattOS running on an older Athlon XP desktop, and it is so freakin fast! When you click on something, it is instant! WattOS

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  8. Semplice GNU/Linux
If you were a CrunchBang lover, you will enjoy Semplice. The OpenBox desktop done right! Click and you got menu! This lightning fast distro is now built on a Debian base. This is a full featured Linux distribution and not a mini! Semplice Comes with needed codecs and flash already installed. This distro will make your computer burn rubber when installed! If you need more desktop, use Synaptic to install LXDE. Semplice

Once You Know, You Newegg

  9. Porteus Linux
This is one for you Slackers. I used their KDE desktop that runs as fast as XFCE! Good selection of needed goodies in less than a 300mb download! You also have a choice of LXDE, MATE, or XFCE when you use the Porteus online ISO builder. Flash and codecs included. Want more software? The graphical package manager will install what you need fast. Years ago, SLAX was one of my favorite distributions. Porteus took over where SLAX left off. Very cool distro. I could not break it! porteus

  10. Majaro Linux OpenBox
Arch has always been my favorite distro because it is robust and faster than hell. However Arch is a real pain to install and configure. Majaro Linux saves the day! Majaro will give you that rock solid rolling release Arch Linux, but it is so user friendly. Majaro makes Arch as easy as Ubuntu! Octopi is the GUI for pacman. OpenBox is OK, but you can use Octopi to install LXDE or XFCE4. Flash and all the multimedia codecs are included! I am so happy! Manjaro Linux

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Honorable Mention
This list should keep all you distro hoppers busy!
  • Sabayon Linux LXDE Live CD Sabayon is based on Gentoo Linux, so you know it is going to be fast. Sabayon comes with w32codecs, Adobe Flash, libdvdcss, and restricted video drivers in the repositories ready for quick install. The real gem of Sabayon is the Endrophy Store package manager. Endrophy does for Portage what Synaptic does for APT in Debian. Sabayon uses the bleeding edge Gentoo testing software repositories. I just love the LXDE version in the daily builds. You can find it at any Sabayon download mirror /iso/daily/. The E17 version is cool too. KDE, XFCE, and Gnome are available in DVD sized downloads. Should this distro be on the top 10 list?

  • SliTaz GNU/Linux SliTaz is the fastest Linux distro of them all when installed to the hard-drive. Use the package manager to add more software, flash, and codecs you need. It is reported that Slitaz will run on a Pentium II system with 64mb of RAM. I have SliTaz running on a 733mhz PIII system with 384mb of memory. My box feels faster than most newer dual-core systems with Windows 7! Very exciting distro! Check out the Stable and Cooking packages available.

  • SimplyMepis 11.0 KDE 4.5 - I would get flamed if I didn't list a distro with the KDE desktop. Mepis 11.0 is the most user friendly KDE distro that will work on my old 733mhz PIII computer. It is not a speedster, but it does feel much faster than Windows XP on the same machine. This is one of the fastest KDE distros!

  • Fedora LXDE Spin A lighter and faster LXDE desktop built on a gutted Fedora base. High RPM distro! If you are a Fedora fan, the LXDE Spin is your hot-rod. Fedora is rock solid and you can make it into what you want by adding software with the YUM Extender. The XFCE Fedora Spin is cool too. See This Site for a program to install flash, codecs, and many system tweeking tools. You can also use the AutoPlus program. Add the RPM Fusion repositories with a few clicks. Fedora is awesome and worth the trouble!

  • Puppy Slacko How could you improve a fast and speedy distro like Puppy? Just add all the Slackware software repositories! Now you can make it into anything you want. This is one of the fastest distributions ever made. It operates so good from a CD, you may not want to install it. Once intalled you will see that Puppy is fast and has configuration tools galore. Puppy is my favorite data recovery live CD.
    Puppy Linux Derivatives List. Some very nice and useable remix Puppy distros. LegacyOS, as it will make older computers fast as new! LightHouse Pup is the most complete and multimedia ready desktop distro based on Puppy Linux. Gamers will love Puppy Arcade. A sweet version with the Enlightenment window manager is MacPup . A very polished version of Puppy with XFCE is Carolina Linux. SlimPup is like CruchBang but faster. Here is another list of remasters.

  • OpenSUSE LXDE Live CD (Unofficial) The release is a little out of date, so make sure to use the Online Update in YaST after install. This distro is just awesome once installed to the harddrive. What makes OpenSUSE stand out is the YaST package manager. It works like Synaptic, but better. You can also add software with one click from the website! For a RPM based distro, OpenSuse LXDE is pretty darn fast. There are also unofficial OpenSUSE CDs available with the XFCE or Enlightenment window managers. Get the restricted software here (one click install).

  • Knoppix - Now with the LXDE desktop! Buggy when first installed to HD, but you can make it work.

  • GhostBSD LXDE - GhostBSD may not be real Linux, but for the desktop you can't tell the difference. Very user friendly with all restricted stuff included. Best graphical package manager there is! Awesome BSD Unix distro!

    Free Linux Menu-Start Button
    My gift to the linux world. My simple blue menu button. I made it for LXDE, but it
    works for XFCE and Gnome too. Just right click and save image to your computer.
    This cool blue menu button is also free for all you linux remaster geeks to use.

    This is how it looks in the panel: So Sweet!

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